Review: Playtex Fridge-To-Go Bottle Holder – Double

January 26, 2011 – 11:11 pm

We received this as a gift from our registry. I didn’t think too much about it when Joseph added it to the registry, but thought it might be a practical tool. Practical is an understatement. We’ve used it an exorbitant amount, and it’s traveled with us everywhere (note the travel theme). Our daughter was exclusively fed breast milk, due to personal preference for the first year of her life. And for multiple reasons, she received it in bottle form for nearly the entire year. That’s where this bag comes in, and the important part it played.

What it is:
* A tote that actually keeps stuff cold or cools things inside of it.

* Two cool compartments. One compartment that is cold on both the front and back. One compartment that is only cold on the back.
* A side with a “window” that allows you to slip in a piece of paper with pertinent information like name.
* A side with a velcro-able pouch.
* Entire tote can be placed into the freezer.
* Keeps items cool for ~12 hours (per manufacturer).
* Removable strap.

What I like:
* Since we’d go out so often, it was important for us to be able to carry Zoe’s breastmilk bottles with us everywhere. I could easily fit 2 5oz medela bottles and 2 nipples with covers for the bottles.
* Zoe was also teething so we would put her pacifier in the front pocket. A cool pacifier I’m sure felt nice on her gums.
* Entire tote could be thrown into the freezer. I’m lazy. I don’t want to zip out any freezer packs and have to zip them back in.
* Easily fit into our large Backpack Diaper Bag with plenty of room to spare.

What I don’t like:
* Not really sure what you could use the velcroable pouch for since I never found anything that actually fit in it.
* The manufacturer says 12 hours?! are you nuts, it’s probably more like 8. But thankfully breast milk lasts for 4 hours after being out of the fridge.

Overall: I was really pleased with this bag. It made going out a lot easier. We still use the freezer bag to hold milk cartons, fresh fruit, cheese and other snacks. Add this to your registry if you’d like to making going out with your child a bit less stressful.

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