Hospital Chux – Changing Pads

December 26, 2010 – 1:09 am

Both of the diaper bags we have included changing pads. I never used either of them. They just don’t make a whole lot of sense. They’re meagerly padded, and not really great if they get dirty. What if you’re child pees or worse.. poops on to the pad by accident? Sure, just wipe it off and be on your merry way to clean it better when you get home. But what if you need to be out longer and need to use it again later?

A similar scenario happened to me recently at the doctors office. But instead of using a changing pad, I just used the patient bed that was covered in the paper that the doctor rips off and pulls new before the patient sits on it. It reminded me of why I use hospital chux instead of those changing pads.

If my daughter pees or poops on the chux, I just chuck (har har) the thing into the trash. And since I have the awesome-est diaper bag I always have a spare or two.

What it is:
* Like a mini mattress pad, that’s disposable. They’re commonly used in hospitals for random things like setting out tools, or putting under patients to catch blood or urine.

*  Absorbent
*  Waterproof

What I like:
*  Very portable.
*  Thin. So thin that carrying around 3 is still smaller/thinner than most changing pads.
*  Disposable. I know, not great for the environment, but they’re also..
*  Durable. I can easily use a single chux for at least a month before wondering if I should toss it for sanitary reasons.

What I don’t like:
* Nothing.

Overall: I add a handful of these in the gift I give for baby showers.

Champion Blue Disposable Underpads (Chux), Large Size 23 x 36, Pk/25 on Amazon.