Random Thought – Names

September 17, 2010 – 9:21 am

Why do some folks shorten their references to a Pastor with initials? For example, some call Joseph PJ. I’ve also heard/seen references to PY, PB, PK, and PL.

I don’t really care about this abbreviation. Though, I do feel strongly about people calling Joseph, “Joe.”

If people introduce themselves as “Joseph”, “Deborah”, “Jennifer”, or “Theresa”. I think you should call them by that name, unless given permission to call them something else. However, this rule does not apply if you were introduced to the person as “Debbie” but over time the person now introduces themselves to new people as “Deborah”. You may continue to call them “Debbie” if you so please, until the person has asked be addressed otherwise.

  • http://www.agapeshack.com hehmin

    Admittedly, when someone asks you to address them with a different name or variation, it can be difficult. For example, my cousin has gone through 3 name changes that I’m aware of. Unable to keep up with the changes, I now address her solely by her Korean name which seems to be OK.

  • steph

    can you call them debbie debbie debbie debbie debbi?