Refill Foam Soap Dispenser

June 30, 2010 – 1:03 pm


So recently I’ve been seeing more of these foam soap dispensers. They’re all over the place now. In people’s bathrooms, the restaurant bathrooms, etc. It’s like foam is suddenly all the rage.

joseph bought one for our bathroom and then like all soap dispensers, the soap was all used up. since we attempt frugality, we buy large tubs of soap refill from costco and we refill dispensers. at first i was like, crap no foam refill. Then thought to myself, “why do i need to buy foam refill? can’t i just dilute the other refill stuff?” well, guess what i did. It worked, and now I’m thinking about replacing the soap dispensers with foam soap dispensers instead. Since you’re diluting the soap with water, less refill for more use. That means my refill soap dollars get stretched just a little more, or maybe alot more. here’s how:

1. Fill your empty foam dispenser with 1/4 (quarter) hand soap refill

2. Fill remainder with water and replace pump attachment. Be sure to leave a little room for the pump attachment, so the water/soap doesn’t overflow

3. Lightly agitate the dispenser to thoroughly mix the soap and water. No need to shake vigorously

  • charles lai

    i needed to refill my foam soap dispenser today, and i remembered that you blogged about this on your facebook a long while ago. anyways, i just used this method and it worked great! haha.. thanks!

  • Makayla Oxley

    i required to re-fill my froth detergent accessory nowadays, and i kept in mind that you blogged about this on your facebook or myspace a lengthy while ago. anyways, i just used this technique and it proved helpful great! lol.. thanks!

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