korea – day 11 – final day in korea

March 22, 2010 – 3:41 pm

over a year after the last post. this concludes the korea trip recount.  it has been nearly 2 years since we’ve gone to korea.  if we ever make it back to korea, i wonder how long those posts will take me.

our last day in korea was bittersweet. i was looking forward to going home and relaxing a little before having to go back to work. though i love korea and of course my family (as noted in previous posts) maintaining the level of respect, etc that is required by cultural laws always prohibit me from feeling 100% at ease. i never want to offend family especially when they spent so much time showing us love.

Leaving Korea

note the large box i have in the picture on the right. my uncle bought us seaweed. LOTS of it. i thought i was going to have to declare or even get taxed on some of it. thankfully not. some friends in nyc got to share in the bounty and the bulk of it went to my mom to help dispense to other aunts.

before leaving, joseph took the time to take pictures of the more communal areas at my aunt’s home in Bundang (a suburb of seoul about 45 minutes via bus). there are two half baths. one with a toilet, and sink, another with a shower head and sink.

Toilet Toilet Buttons

my aunt’s family live in a good area and are basically surrounded by a local park, so that means no more development in their specific neighborhood. one day joseph and i actually decided to walk up the park, but too bad we forgot to take pictures. maybe next time :)

this concludes the korea posts. definitely going out with a massive fizzle instead of a bang. if you want to see more pictures of our trip they’re here: