Pregnancy – Second Trimester

March 5, 2009 – 9:02 am

Some people have asked how my pregnancy has been going. Well, it’s been going. It’s been both great and very bad at times. Here I’ll share mainly about my second trimester. (first trimester shared here)

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second trimester was better than the first. for sure. only one incident of diarrhea and vomiting. and my appetite slowly came back. at the last doctors appointment of the trimester I had finally gained back 2.5lbs of the 10lbs i had lost.

that was really the most scary thing for me. everything i read and from other people’s experiences they had all GAINED weight during their pregnancy, nearly from the beginning. meanwhile i gained nothing, only lost. it scared me. i was definitely trying to eat more and more frequently. third trimester has been better. more on that in a later post.

i started to feel the baby move around. the fluttering feels a lot like GAS. but as the baby got bigger we could start to feel her kick. i found it sort of amusing and cute most of the time. joseph thinks it’s a little creepy, because it’s like a little alien in my belly.

the most amazing part of the second trimester is the sonogram. lying on the table and watching the screen. it was fun to see the face and body. and finding out that it was a girl!

i’m a little afraid to have a girl. i guess my “preference” was a boy. but only because i’m not sure if i know how to raise a girl. friends will have to put my daughter’s hair up for her. cos i have no clue, other than the basic pony tail. and what to do if she wants to wear a dress? how about make-up?!

thank goodness for god parents. we’ve selected and asked 4. two men and two women. their responsibilities are:

  1. to love our child
  2. to pray for her
  3. perhaps protect her
  4. to care for her
  5. (optional) braid her hair

here’s some gifts from some of the god parents. how fitting =P:

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headphones for the concerts baby tsang will go to in the future. she’s already been to at least 2: snow patrol and the killers.

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these are really fun cds. the U2 one we got long before i got pregnant but i’m still applying it since it’s from one of the god parents.

no… the god parents are NOT required to begin buying things for our child. that is not one of the responsibilities as mentioned above. :)