ninja rollercoaster…bull fighter rollercoaster?

August 21, 2008 – 1:31 am

so today we were at 6 flags. great day for an amusement park.

one of the rides was called “the ninja“. the coaster was ok, the park definitely had some better ones. but the line was nice and short. but the best part of the ride was when the “host”/operator kept yelling “hi-ya”. at first, i was disturbed because it seemed racist, and then i realized it wasn’t racist, he was just doing the grunt that most people learn when they do martial arts. but it made me think. “does the theme park expect the operator to yell ‘hi-ya’ everytime a set of cars leaves?” if it does, man that sucks for the operator. i’d totally get tired of saying ‘hi-ya’ without getting to smash something to bits.  i know i’d also lose enthusiasm after a while.

but the funniest thing that came to mind was different variations of rollercoaster names and operator shoutouts – what if there was a soul rollercoaster? what would the operator say? maybe something in jive? or how about a bull fighter roller coaster? perhaps yell “ole! ole!”. the funniest one i thought of was “the tantra” and the operator can yell “NAMASTE!” (the tantra is a set of hindu scriptures, also known as “weavings” or “looms” – finally my high school world religion class comes in handy)