wifi on chinatown bus

May 24, 2008 – 10:36 am

i dunno what’s going on. the world has turned upside down. the chinatown bus now has free wifi. it’s not blazing fast, but i’ll take it!

on the websites it said there was free wifi. i was skeptical. shady chinese folks trying to lure people away from using the bolt bus or any of these new fringe benefit bus companies. well.. behold. it’s true. the shady chinatown buses are no longer as shady. maybe i should start from the beginning….

last nite i checked out the times for the bus and the website gave the information on where the bus was located, the fare for oneway and roundtrip, and lastly an icon that is widely used to represent wifi. i got excited, then remembered that this was the chinatown bus. they don’t even let you use the bathrooms (not that anyone would want to anyways).

the 10:30am bus said it was “sold out”, so i figured i’m going to get on the 11:30 bus. But I’ve been on these buses before, and know that the system is sort of loose. so i got to the stop early 9:45. i saw the ticket lady and asked if i could get on the 10:30, she said “sure”, took my ticket and put a number on the back of it.

the bus finally came at like 10:15. one of the ticket people started calling out numbers. finally mine was called and i got on. there were at least 30 people without numbers tho, just standing around since they didn’t bother to check in with the ticket folks.

they then called for people who bought tickets for the 10:30 bus online but didn’t bother to check in. they got on the bus next. then the folks who bought tickets online for the 11:30 but wanted to get on earlier got on.

then the rest of the folks. sad. about 15 didn’t get on. they had to wait for the 11:30 bus. some were irrate about how they had waited in line and complained about the unspoken rules. walked away in disgust only the line up for the 11:30.

now i sit on this bus to blog about my experience. here’s the key take aways:

1. buy your tickets in advance whether from the ticket folks or online

2. Get there early and checkin with the ticket folks to get your number or get an idea if you’re going to possibly get on the bus

3. don’t just assume that since you were there early you’ll get on the bus, and be prepared to get on the next one if you don’t follow step #1 or #2.

have a great memorial day weekend, friends!

  • Phil S

    too funny – i have to tell eli this. Hope all is well – no new posts lately!