korea – day2 – orientation

April 4, 2008 – 4:10 am

day 2 was really our first day in korea, and it was really about orientation. relearning where things were like bus stops and the exchange rate.

thankfully we bank with an international bank and my aunt also uses the same bank we do. my aunt drives us to this building that looks sort of lame from the outside but when you get inside there’s a bunch of floors with random things including a bank. inside the bank we don’t just enter the regular common folk area, there’s a “vip” area for the high rollers/veterans. we go straight there and it seems like everyone knows my aunt. they exchange some money for us at a little bit better of rate than the avg person since it’s the “vip” area. not really sure how much better of a rate I got, but i was assured that it would be better than those common folk “over there”.

in this same unusual looking building were 2 hair salons right next to the bank on the same floor. weird. we were told that one salon is for the older folks, and the other was for the younger set. so we got our haircuts as we normally would on our post-easter vacation. joseph always gets some weird contraption on his head, and this time was no different, he got saran wrapped =P

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we both got trims and some haircolor. i decided this time i didn’t want to do anything crazy and just stuck with a little bit of color, and joseph got a reddish brown color.

then we went to buy some groceries. knowing that joseph doesn’t like alot of korean foods, my aunt decided to wait to get groceries after we arrived. while at the costco like warehouse joseph saw these fun things (wendy, pay attn):

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we also saw some other stuff too, like frosted flakes and fruitloops, which they called “corn frost” and “fruit ring” respectively. and i guess they try to promote milk by calling it “einstein milk”
the most beautiful thing in the market was the fresh seafood. it looked amazing! i feel like we rarely ever get to see fish that fresh in a market in nyc and so well laid out that it really makes you want to buy it

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then to a late lunch of jjajjangmyun. the last two or three times i’ve come to korea, my aunt takes me to this place in another building, in the basement that has some great jjajjangmyun.

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thus ended our day out. the rest of the day was spent at home with family and catching up on some much needed sleep!

  • c byun

    Oh hangooks. Eat everything you see for me…