plastic bags…animals

March 29, 2008 – 1:09 am

most people have seen plastic bags on the ground or floating in the air or even stuck on the back of someone’s car who didn’t know it.

looks like someone found some fun alternative uses for plastic bags. hopefully they didn’t just leave it on the sidewalk.

but really…here’s some actually good tips for using those plastic bags you get from random stores:

  • cover your shoes to walk in the snow – soon after we moved into our current apt, there was a bit of a “blizzard” and the snow was pretty deep. I don’t own boots, so i wrapped my shoes up in plastic bags and tied them around my ankles. worked great to get to my destination, but i forgot to bring replacements to get back home
  • doggie poop bags – why spend extra money on those little plastic bags when you probably have a decent amount of “free” plastic bags underneath your sink?
  • bathroom trash bags – similar to the doggie poop bags, why buy smaller sized trash bags from the store, when the “free” ones you get will work just as well
  • give them to a food pantry – the food pantries need to distribute the food some how. and many will do so in plastic bags
  • when traveling, use them to put your dirty clothes into to separate them from the clean clothes

I should probably purchase some reusable/cloth bags to use instead of just accepting the plastic bags i get at the grocery store, but i always forget when i’m going, so i try to find other practical uses for the plastic bags instead, like what i’ve shared above. you can also gather them and recycle them at most suburban grocery stores, or recycle centers.