muji new york

March 24, 2008 – 7:24 pm

one of my favorite consumer product designer companies is muji. a single name, like bono, suffices. beautiful and simply crafted consumer goods for various everyday purposes. fold-able/collapsible cardboard speakers, etc. all within a reasonable price range to make them “disposable” similar to ikea. their tag line is “no brand, quality goods”

wall shelf bottles
wall shelves bottles
furniture clothes
furniture clothes

on our way to try to get rent rush tickets we ran across a storefront with big letters stating that a new muji flagship store will be opening on 8th Ave between 40th and 41st Streets. i was in amazement. i’ve only seen muji stuf at the moma design store in soho and the moma museum store in midtown. (but i hear that muji has another store in soho too) this new flagship store looks like it’s going to be HUGE. “huge” by nyc standards, given the limited space available commercial or residential.looking forward to the grand opening. i wonder if they’ll give anything away for free

[For more info: Gothamist]

  • Gordon

    Yeah Muji products are really nice but I wish they weren’t as expensive.

  • hehmin

    “expensive” is relative. cheaper than buying stuff from papyrus but more expensive then duane reade

    how much weight have you gained since working at seriouseats? just reading the site adds a pound to me daily >_<

    which reminds me…sometimes i think i’m in the wrong business =P

  • Gordon

    True true.

    I’m not really sure how much I’ve gained. I don’t really keep track of my weight. But now that you mention it I think I will, and blog about it too. Which reminds me of this NY Times article from last week: