laptop stands

March 22, 2008 – 2:17 pm

lots of people like to ask me about general computer stuff.. i’m a bit of a geek, but not as geeky as some. i tend to know bits and pieces of most computer related things. but i’m definitely not an expert in anything specific. but one thing i do know very well is that if you have a laptop, get yourself a laptop fan/stand.

they help keep your laptop cool which means your hard drive, motherboard and everything else inside the computer stays cool too. by keeping them cooler, your ~$1000 (in some cases more) investment will last so much longer. unfortunately i had to learn that that hard way.

a few years ago we bought joseph a laptop for him to do his work on at home and whenever he traveled. and after about 2 years of hours and hours of use, the HD crashed. i figured it was likely due to overheating so we bought a simple laptop fan. fast forward about 2 more years and finally the motherboard died as well. i think if i didn’t have the fan it wouldn’t have even lasted that long.

laptop fans go for about $15-$40 depending on what you get. or if you want you can make your own for almost nothing. well…2 bottles of wine which i’m sure you’d gladly enjoy anyways =P

for more DIY laptop stands check out [lifehacker]

  • Gerry

    That’s a cool laptop stand you’ve got there. That inspires me to do a laptop tripod stand.