March 6, 2008 – 6:15 pm

so i like pickles. but i’m particular about the type of pickles. i know i’m particular about many things. but
aren’t we all allowed to have our opinions? personally, my favorite “western” pickle is the half sour
pickle, that can be found most readily in jewish delis like Katz’s. i also like pickled onions that can be
found most often in the ghettos. then of course there is the all important kimchi variations, almost all
of which are pickled.

but this is something definitely new:


it’s a popsicles made with pickle juice. i know that texans do enjoy their pickles in various forms
including, battered and fried, but this seems a little excessive. they tout themselves as the “healthy”
alternative to the sugary goodness of conventional popsicles.

i’d be willing to try this popsicle, but i get the feeling that this might be a texas craze that should stay in

bobspicklepops [via: seriouseats]

ps: i’ve got to do 8 sessions of physical therapy over 3-4 weeks and i’ll be done with this knee business.
Yipee! :)