more chopsticks!

February 29, 2008 – 6:21 pm

ok i must have an obsession with silverware because this is the third entry about it (choplery,
pen cap silverware) . >_<

as most asian folks do, i use chopsticks pretty often. not just for eating food, but also to grab things
from very tight spaces, and stir my drinks for example. chopsticks are versatile. when you’re eating with
chopsticks, rarely do you need knives or forks if you know how to use them properly.

[picture: uigarden]

i’m also a bit picky about the types of chopsticks i like to use. if necessary, i will use the chopsticks that
are really long and clunky/thick like the red ones in the picture above but i prefer not too. they’re too
cumbersome and never accurate enough. these types of chopsticks can be found at most chinese
restaurants. now some folks would tell you they’re long for a reason. to turn your chopsticks around to
serve others or take from a communal plate. ok honestly… i find them annoyingly large, and if you’re
going to turn them around to avoid “germs” then i hope you and everyone else washed their hands. i
personally have way too many pairs of these in my own home (we inherited them from joseph‘s old
living space when we got married) and wish they would go into the trashbin or given to some needy
asian folks who need chopsticks. but some would ask…why throw out /give away perfectly good
chopsticks? *sigh*

i do like the top two types. they’re both extremely accurate and the best part is that you can cut things
in half with them neatly. however i think metal chopsticks are better. they just last longer and you can
put them in the dishwasher (*gasp* no korean woman would do this. sorry but THIS one does)

check out these chopsticks! they would only be better if they were completely metal. they also look
freakishly like weapons.


[via: RandomGoodStuff]