what happened…pt2

February 26, 2008 – 10:34 pm

yet another long one because i don’t know how to properly edit myself. publishers/editors are more
than welcome to critique and edit my text on their own =P

so my insurance stinks. it took them forever to approve my MRI. some folks suggested to joseph that i
try calling the insurance company to push my approval through, so I did that. Turns out the insurance co
thought no one put in my request. i’m inclined to believe my doctors office who said they did. the office
also called the insurance company again and was able to get an approval right then and there. soon
after i was able to schedule my MRI. yippee! *sarcasm* so that’s thurs afternoon. the MRI will be used
to determine the final diagnoses of what is likely a sprained MCL. this is pretty standard.

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so what have i been doing in the meantime? working from home. definitely not fun. i much prefer to be
in the office, but that hasn’t been possible since I can’t really bend my knee. and going up and down
stairs has proven to be difficult and painful. that basically means that i can’t ride the subway. i take cabs
to my dr, and take the bus when i’m not in a rush and i’m sure to get 2 seats. one for my butt and the
other to keep my leg elevated.

but i’m scared to take the bus now too. i was sitting in one of the two seaters, and it started to get
crowded. each new person who entered the bus would see the second seat empty from “afar” and think
“whooo… empty seat no one wants!” head over and then be disappointed. one lady said “oh! BUSTED
KNEE!” and kept walking towards the back of the bus in search of another seat. but what made me
scared was actually a woman who didn’t bother to look at the seat before attempting to sit down. she
got pretty close to sitting on my knee. the only thing that stopped her was my hands on her back and
saying “PLEASE DON’T SIT” a number of times.

so this means i don’t leave the house that much. so i’ve been doing this instead:

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an extremely generous friend was kind enough to send me some materials, a circular needle, and a
book! she works for the designer who also authored the book and sells a line of chunky yarns.

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honestly i’ve never worked with chunky yarns before so it was a little awkward. i had to start over a few
times, but eventually i got it and the scarf turned out great! i modified the pattern a bit to fit more my
style (less ruffles and narrower), but it was a fun project! i’ll be starting on a knitted hat from the book
soon too! :)