kimchi for spacemen

February 24, 2008 – 11:34 pm


one of my favorite things in life is kimchi. that’s not surprising since i’m korean. most koreans are i
guess a bit obsessive about their kimchi. in my case, my favorite kimchis are usually variations of
mool-kimchi (water kimchi). Why of all kimchis mool kimchi? because it doesn’t smell as much so you
can take it to work, it’s refreshing when it’s ice cold, and is still got that kick from vinegar and spices!

i know it’s not the traditional cabbage kimchi but for those reasons it’s my favorite. however, i do enjoy
the traditional as often as i can, as do most koreans; especially korean astronauts according to the
NY Times. the korean gov’t spent millions… MILLIONS.. on trying to figure out how to ship kimchi to

i wonder if they’ll sell this in korean supermarkets like they sold tang in the US. we’ll find out in april,
and if they do i’ll bring some back :)

  • Jenny

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