what happened?

February 20, 2008 – 12:12 pm

thanks to all that have expressed concern and have been praying for me!
this is a long entry – but for those of you who’ve asked what happened and what’s going on here you go:

i got back from a ski trip monday nite. i was originally supposed to come back on sunday, but things did
not work out that way for one reason in particular. i hurt my knee skiing.

after arriving late friday nite, saturday started out great with an early start. we had breakfast, rented
our skis and boards and headed to the resort. it was a bit chilly closer to the top of the mountain due to
the wind, but otherwise conditions were great, and not much ice considering the lack of snow fall and
it’s the east coast which is infamous for ice covered slopes. but the day started turning. first one of my
friends, was run into by a reckless person, and the person took her down (if you can’t handle blue or
black diamonds stay away or stay to the inside of the slope please!). we all gathered to help her get her
skis and poles. sooner after, folks started to head back down including myself, but unfortunately another
friend wasn’t able to get a good start and fell.

too bad i was right behind him, since we had just started out, i ran into him. except it wasn’t just a
basic collision. one of my skis clipped his snowboard and i started doing a split over his head and my
knees, legs and ankles were all in weird positions. eventually i felt a pop in my right knee and one of my
skis coming off. soon after i fell to the ground screaming in pain.

he was able to flag down some folks and ski patrol made its way to me. the ski patrol guys who helped
me were Jim and Bob. (I kept thinking. It’s Jim-Bob. But not sure if they thought it was funny when I
mentioned it, so I didn’t say it again.) Jim-Bob somehow got me to the clinic. I don’t remember much
except being in some serious pain. Getting down the slope was a little bumpy, even with my leg
strapped in tightly, not much could be done.

Folks were nice at the clinic. First some nurses just checked my leg for basic stuff i guess. probably just
things like bleeding, broken limbs, swollenness, etc. then they recommended I go downstairs to see an
orthopedic surgeon. the doctor was nice enough, but he felt a little rough with my leg. he kept picking
up my leg without any sort of warning. that was painful too >_<

after a bit of prodding, picking up and putting down my leg he determined that I tore my MCL and not
my ACL. Which is a relief because if I tore my ACL I may need surgery. He said it’ll likely be about
6 weeks of healing which may or may not require physical therapy. Either way, he wasn’t 100% sure
about either the MCL or ACL, and wanted me to see a Dr in the city, and get an MRI.

So I have an appointment to see an Orthopedic surgeon on Thurs morning. We’ll see what happens from
there. In the meantime, I’m not in much pain and I’m fairly mobile. I sit for most of the day with my leg
elevated and iced. It gets difficult when going up and down stairs, going to the bathroom, taking a bath,
in bed (trying to sleep – restless leg >_<), or standing for extended periods of time. The worst is when
I happen to step in a weird way/angle and i’m shocked at the pain.

Thanks to everyone on the ski trip who helped take care of me! Especially Oli who hung out at the clinic
with me, and delayed her lunch to make sure I was ok.
Thanks to everyone for praying for me!
And Thanks to Joseph for making sure that people knew what was going on and asked people to pray for my

My fashion sense has never been that great, it’s even worse now :)

hurt leg

  • Lorna

    Awww Theresa, I am so sorry this happened to you. I almost feel like I jinxed you after that conversation we had about my knee. Make sure your orthopedic surgeon is well established. I’m having arthroscopic surgery to repair a torn meniscus on March 20, so I’m in and out of the office as much as possible, but working from home other times also. I hope you heal well and take care of yourself.

  • http://qchronicles.blogspot.com/ Kyuboem

    We’ve been praying for you, Theresa. It sounds painful, what happened on the slope. So no surgery required, I hope? Hope you are back to getting patched up soon.

  • http://www.agapeshack.com hehmin

    Thanks Q – So far so good. Doesn’t look like I’ll need surgery unless the MRI says I do.

    Lorna – not your fault. hope your surgery goes well! and yes my surgeon is a good one! he’s the surgeon for the NY Giants and the US ski and snowboarding teams. I think I’m in good hands :)