y water?

February 15, 2008 – 2:11 pm


You maybe asking “What the heck is that?” They’re bottles of flavor and vitamin “enhanced” water.
Similar to Vitamin Water that’s pretty much available everywhere in the states (of which you should
consume rarely, similar to soda, considering the amount of sugar in Vitamin Water). At first glance, the
nutritional information for YWater, there is “less” sugar than Vitamin Water and soda. But I haven’t done
the math yet to figure it out based on serving size. These bottles are 100% recyclable, which is pretty
good considering the ridiculous amount of water bottles we generate and throw away, the more things
that can be recycled, the better.

Ok. Now that I’m finished with the boring stuff, here’s the fun stuff!

The bottles can be used as building blocks using some sort of connector to join the bottles together! It’ll
probably be some expensive building blocks, but would still be fun if you happen to have alot of them!

Possibly coming to a store near you. (You have a better chance if you live in the Venice Beach area of
California since that’s where the company is based)

  • kim

    all the fun things just happen to be in california :]