bill gates had facebook?

February 13, 2008 – 2:03 pm

sounds like one of the reasons why microsoft decided to invest in facebook was because many
employees like Bill Gates himself were hooked on the social networking site. But more recently had to
delete his facebook account because of the ridiculous number of friend requests he was receiving.
[via: TheSun]

many of the readers of this blog don’t read from my site, they read it from their facebook feeds. which
is great. i’m glad to offer up my commentaries in multiple forms in different places. but those same
facebook readers also know that i really despise facebook (via my facebook status). one of the reasons
why i continue to use my facebook account and continue to add friends, etc is because it helps keep me
in touch with some folks and also gets me back in touch with people i haven’t talked to in a really long

but why do i hate facebook? as a friend noted, “hate is such a strong word”. it’s all the horrible apps that
you are required to “install” if you want to see a “gift” someone sent you, or see what movies friends
are interested in, etc. These same apps are close to what I consider adware. Before you can install the
freaking app, it asks you to invite all your friends who don’t already have the app to join in the
craziness. i’m sure many of us have at least one friend who can’t help themselves and just accept every
single app they get invited to. i hate going to those profiles. it half tempts me to “unfriend” them. it’s
like those people who install every “cool” application on their computer they run into and then later
complain about how slow their computer is or how popups don’t stop. i cannot regulate how my friends
use their facebook accounts, but please show some restraint! and don’t just invite everyone to join the
app! (i admit when i first joined facebook i made the same mistakes and i’m sorry to those who got app
requests from me) this was similar beef i had with myspace (which i had hoped would help me get in
touch with people, but unfortunately did not). xanga was alot cleaner and didn’t feel like it was attacking
me everytime i went to someone’s xanga page but not everyone was on xanga and has since quieted a
bit with so many people using facebook instead.

but in any case i would like to have bill as a friend –

  • beanya

    I know this was a while back but… I love your rice cracker people.