our moms make more money than yours

February 10, 2008 – 11:11 pm

i usually only watch the superbowl for the commercials. this year the commercials were not so much fun
especially the sales genie commercials. so these commercials featured two different asian groups
looking for help in growing their sales… too bad asians don’t need help in this way… statistically at least
according to esmalloffice.com

“While Asian firms make up 30% of all minority companies, they account for 52% of all
receipts from minority businesses. Over 50% of all minority-owned businesses whose
sales exceeded one million dollars were Asian American owned.”

so what about the superbowl viewers? probably not those asian american business owners. they were
probably at their places of business, like my mom, selling you your chips, the beer you chugged, and
the wings you consumed.

so while my mom probably made more money than yours, salesgenie decided to market towards a
group that probably doesn’t need their services and pissed off a group of people, they should’ve been
marketing towards, instead.