lollipop cake…part 2

February 10, 2008 – 10:49 am

i recently posted about these lollipop cakes and asked if anyone would make them for me. and
guess what?! someone actually did make them for me! i suckered one of my coworkers. she was
like “these are cool and i wanna try to make them!” i jumped at the opportunity and said to make
a whole bunch and i’ll pay for the sticks itself. whoohoo! here they are all wrapped for easy access

Cake on a Stick

btw… she said this was probably one of the hardest projects for her… but fun… they were a HUGE
hit at work. everyone LOVED them. someone even asked her to marry him. i think she’s decided she
might try to make them again =P

after hearing her ordeal with making these lollipop cakes, i think i’m going to decline trying to make
them myself