dry erase paint

February 8, 2008 – 5:20 pm

one of things i’ve always wanted to do is have a wall or a section of a wall that’s painted with chalkboard
paint. such a fun thing to just be able to write on your wall and then erase it.. the only crappy thing
about a chalkboard wall is that there’s all the chalk dust. ew. no thanks. probably also the reason why i
never pushed for it at home:

but, now the same company, rustoleum has this new paint for making your own dry erase walls! no
more chalk dust! although there is a different type of dust, this doesn’t seem as bad. maybe this
would be something fun to do for a kid who likes to draw on walls:

[Amazon - Chalkboard Paint - $11.16]
[Amazon - DryErase Board Paint - $21.65]