people don’t like canada, africa, russia or china

January 31, 2008 – 5:14 pm

so it seems that people don’t have to or don’t like to travel to canada, africa, russia or china. at least
based on what dopplr says. here’s a graphical
representation of where we traveled to:


of course my statement is being very general here.. i’ve been to canada a few times…and based on the
diagram i might have been to the more popular destinations like vancouver (for our honeymoon),
toronto/niagara falls, and montreal. but the deeper parts of canada don’t seem to be as popular.

never been to africa, but i’ve heard lovely things and seen some great pictures. though the current
kenya news concerns me, it’s definitely a place i’d love to visit. as a side note: at a missions
conference one of the speakers encouraged us to take family missions trips to places like rwanda or
kenya instead of vacations. from a very american perspective, this is such a mind boggling and far-
fetched idea. why? i’m not going to answer that for you here… but consider it… and maybe one day
your family and my family will be able to “vacation” together.

i’ve also never been to russia. i don’t think i’m as compelled to go there except for the possible vodka
tastings, but otherwise I can’t really imagine myself visiting there. maybe that’ll change one day

but i’ve been to china a few years ago right before the SARS scare. honestly, once you get past some
of the weird cultural differences (like kids peeing in the street via pants that have a large hole in a
“discreet” area, or people blowing their nose straight on to the street) china is actually a nice country
to visit. there’s lots to see – like gardens, old palaces, etc and plenty of “new” foods to try… but
personally, i can only take so much of the rudeness many people inflict on tourists and the dirtiness
that surrounds you in most places.

since we’re on the topic of travelling… joseph and i are going to korea in april! i can’t wait!!

[via: dopplr]

  • nick s

    the deeper parts of canada don’t seem to be as popular

    Well, isn’t it more that 75% of Canada’s population lives within 150km of the US border, and 85% within 300km? Plus, given dopplr’s raison d’etre, those going upcountry in Canada probably don’t expect to meet people travelling through Whitehorse or Saskatoon, so are more likely not to publicise it.

  • Jim

    I agree with nick s, there are dots on all the major cities in Canada, which are on the southern edges of the country. And hey, everybody likes Canada!

  • jane

    I agree with Nick and Jim there. Everyone loves Canada and we are definitely on the map. One thing I do want to point out though is that Dopplr is an english only social networking site so people from other countries will not be properly represented by the stats. There for it’s not so much that “people don’t like Canada, Africa, Russia or China”. It’s more likely that people in english speaking countries tend to travel to other cities where they can get by speaking only english. <— Just a guess.

  • Joe

    Hey Theresa and Joseph,

    I couldn’t stop reading your blog, every entry was hilarious! well….actually this last one was more serious then hilarious but still good. Your blog makes me want to go buy things like the lazy man’s snow ball maker, the ice cream making ball, and the wearable sleeping bag!