neti pot

January 29, 2008 – 11:37 pm

what’s a neti pot you ask? it’s basically a teapot with a long nozzle that you stick in one of your nostrils
and pour water into your nose till the water drains out the other nostril.

but why do this? because i’ve been told that it helps clears up your nasal passage but more importantly
helps reduce snoring! this is key for me considering that joseph’s snoring often wakes me up in the
middle of the nite.

we both tried it tonite. it felt sort of weird sticking something up our nose and then watch/feel the water
drain out the other. joseph said he feels like he just went swimming and i feel like i can breath much
better… we’ll try it for a few more nites and see what happens longer term.

here’s a “great” video:

[more details: Wiki]