“it’s not just a youth issue…”

January 24, 2008 – 11:04 am

“….60% of heavy drinkers are over 30.”
The Alcohol Advisory Council of New Zealand has started a new moderation drinking campaign. the ads
are really innovative. each one reminding us of that one time where we got pretty tipsy if not drunk and
the next day you felt pretty crappy like this:

in glass

i used to work for a consulting company. i know what this feels like after one too many glasses of wine
at dinner where your head starts to spin from all the food and 6 different glasses of wine you had to go
with each course

but here’s something that goes with the second half of their ad campaign. comparing adults to kids and
really how as adults we mask our heavy drinking habits with methods that seem more legitimate for
some reason:


as i said with OD-ing on water – moderation is key

[via: NotCot]