only in nyc…

January 23, 2008 – 10:14 pm

only in nyc could they pull it off. what is it that you ask? it’s called the idiotarod. if anywhere there is a
mass concentration of idiots, it’s in this great city i live in called new york city. (mind you i’m a
transplant and there are plenty of smart people to counteract the idiots). similar to the iditarod
sled race that takes place in alaska, the idiotarod is a race, but instead of a sled pulled by
dogs, it’s a shopping cart pulled by .. you guessed it… idiots … aka people

here’s a video from last years race:

for more information [Wikipedia] and if you feel the need to register [Idiotarod]

  • aussie

    um… im doing this on sat.. =)
    yeah- im an idiot i guess. it’ll be fun. come out and support

  • hehmin

    aussie – how’d you guys do in the idiotarod?