cleaning 101

January 23, 2008 – 5:34 pm

i’m a real pain when it comes to having my house clean. it’s pretty important to me that certain aspects
of my house are relatively clean. sometimes i get lazy and aren’t as clean as i normally would like, but
when you have guests coming in and out of your home every week, you’d cave too.

i usually clean the kitchen on a daily basis to some degree. I’ll clean out the sink, wipe down the
counters, wipe down the stove and move things to their rightful place. This all takes about 5 minutes as
long as there’s not a huge pile in the sink, or a large mess on the counter, etc. Makes me feel somewhat
sane in an otherwise cluttered and small kitchen.

i also try to clean the bathrooms every other week. that doesn’t always happen due to our busy
schedules, but when i do get around to it it’s usually a deep clean starting with scrubbing bubbles, and
soft scrub of the tub. clean the mirror and sink. clean the toilet and then wetjet swiffer the floor.

joseph’s always good at swiffer-ing the floors throughout the house when he’s on a call, or whatever so
floors are relatively clean

if you’ve ever wondered how the pros do it. check out this link [Clean Like A Maid]