lose weight by chewing gum

January 11, 2008 – 12:11 pm

according to an article in wired.com you can lose too much weight when you chew excessive amounts
of sugar-free gum a day. what?! at first glance it sounds like this should be the new “easy” diet that
everyone can go on, but as you read the article you realize that it’s probably not so healthy for you:

In the first, a 21-year old woman reported experienced severe diarrhea four to twelve times per
day. She’d lost 11 kilograms and had a body mass index of 16.6, substantially below normal.

I’m not so sure having severe diarrhea four to twelve times a day is good for you and you’ll probably
get TMJ by chewing 15 pieces of gum on a daily basis.

[via: Wired]