heated mouse pad really necessary?

January 8, 2008 – 12:38 pm

a computer accessories company has created a new type of mouse pad. it looks like alot of other
mouse pads but the difference is that it’s heated:

Heated Mouse Pad

is a heated mouse pad really necessary? i feel like my hands are already warm enough from having
to grip the mouse often enough. plus mice get so gross and dirty after extended use that I would
think that heating a mouse pad would merely just make it worse. in any case, for those of you
interested, here’s how it works:

Allsop’s latest mousepad innovation is a heat-therapy mousepad. No, no, no, this device
doesn’t require any USB power to do the heating. Rather, inside of the wrist rest is a gel
insert. Microwave or freeze the gel insert to do the heating or cooling for those aching
wrists. Yeah, it may not seem too special, but in the crawling world of mousepads, any
innovation is a big innovation.

[via: DVICE]