Inlaws, Babies and a Slanket

January 2, 2008 – 11:33 am

so joseph’s family is staying with us this week. joseph’s sister anita, her husband trent, and their 7mo
old baby jaqueline came to visit us from dallas. also, even though queens isn’t all that far from us, it’s
still like an hour subway ride to our place. so his parents are staying with us as well, so they don’t
have to go back and forth everday.

lately it seems that I’ve been bombarded with lots of baby related stuff.. so many friends are having
or had babies recently and i feel like it’s almost non-stop baby talk. everything from breast
feeding/leaking to the best nipples for bottles to cribs and strollers… but thus far this ”Dreamsie
has got to be one of the coolest things i’ve seen - and i think every mother should get their child one
- if nothing but for the coolness factor =P


I totally want that for myself, but the closest thing i think adults can get is something like this
Slanket, which i think is ubercool too:

[via: Amazon - Dreamsie - $15.50 and Cabin Cuddler - $29.95]