vision baptism winter2007

December 15, 2007 – 9:59 pm

this year some friends, jeremy, alfredo, alice and angela, got baptized in the ghaw crib house in new jersey. the house is ah-mazing. nice tall ceilings and a nice indoor heated pool. which ended up being the baptismal pool.


but the pool made joseph look like a midget:

image removed

and here’s where joseph looks like he’s drowning each of the baptismal candidates:


Angela and Alice

Jeremy and Alfredo

so we know that joseph isn’t trying to drown them, he’s trying to dunk them into the “living water” to represent their rebirth.

there was also a dedication for the children of vision. the ng’s brought their clan, and the lai’s brought donovan:


as always, it’s a celebration of God’s love for us. inward belief matched by outward actions. here’s some fun images:

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